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Still waiting for reply



I am still waiting to hear from people in Mumbai!!!!!!!!! Not a single reply or a word of encouragement. Keep sleeping guys, got more important things to do in life than wasting one day on an SSG get-together!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greatt going Mumbai guys. May you all progress in life, earn more money and status but never forget than the foundation for the same was SAINIK SCHOOL GOALPARA. I am dissappointed but  haven't lost hope so still waiting!!!!!!!

                                                                        Lt Cdr Pranab Saloi


"In Failure We Learn....." , Lets revive the endeavour...



It surely seems a long wait for you..Yes, we did try last year to arrange for the Mumbai Meet...but we failed....Apart from Utpal, U & Me, no one seemed bothered...I had taken consent of a few people but it never worked out..


Like you, i too havent lost  hope and i am sure we can revive our endeavour to formally launch a Mumbai-Pune Chapter....


We have a couple of Weekend Holidays in the coming months..If we decide to and plan it out properly, with enough time in our hands, we can surely make it a success...


Lets meet up in Mumbai and take it further....












Dear Pranab

You can add me and my two brothers This chapter

Lt Col Rajeev Sinha 1291/Lachit  in Pune

Cdr Sanjeev Kumar 1575/Chilarai in Mumbai

Lt Col Sandeep Kumar 2066/Lachit  in Pune

Mail me at san_deep1010@yahoo.com to contact me.




Mumbai Chapter


Dear Pranab,

I understand your feelings. You have very rightly said that I am disappointed but not willing to fail. Thats the spirit and I think its always tough the first time to bring in every one together. We had the similar problem in Bangalore to form the chapter. I think you need to get few of the cell nos of the people residing in Mumbai, talk to them, mail them personally and then  i believe people will definitely turn up. I have two of my batch mates residing in Mumbai and Pune, whom you can try.Details are mentioned below.

1: Abhijit Das, Chilarai House, Roll No 1995, Cell No : 9702003370 (Mumbai)

2: Samiron Phukan, Aniruddha House, Roll No 1935, Cell No: 9765800479.(Pune)

All the best,

Pranab K.Sarma

Roll No: 1931




Thank you

Dear Pranab Da

Thank you very much for your kind guidance. Its always tough to get things around the first time. Thanks for the cell nos. I will definiotely make use of them. Take care and keep in touch.

                                                                                                Pranab Saloi



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 Pranab (S), very good initiative. One more name for Mumbai-Pune meet:

Amitabh Barua, Chilarai House (Roll 2022): Cell No: 9619665798 (Pune)

Ratul (Kalita) da did begin the effort of getting the Mumbaikars together, but having not received too many responses, Ratul da laid off for some time. But guess with you there trying to coordinate, he would be most happy to help. Why don't you contact him at: (1)  +919810020883  (2) 3eifoundation@gmail.com


-Indranil Roy




Hi pranb

Its great to see your initial effort. Sorry for the delay reply as I was out of touch of all these for last one month. In fact I saw your message when I was just googling some other thing. Now its fine. In Mumbai -Pune region you will find the following whom I know in additon to the ones mentioned by Pranab Sarma...

1) Kuldip Roy--9987002467

2)  Amitav Baruah-9619665798

3) Utpal barman-9765491961 (Pune)

Someone  (I think Ratul Kalita) had enquired for the same but no news from him since then. Anyway it would be great to have such a  get together. Let me know if I can be of any help too make this event a sucess. Let me give you a gist of past experience-----after 1 1/2  year initial thought process @ Bangalore finally pranab could make it happen @ bangalore. Seems really we are  loosing  the common roots !! Lets rejuvinate -----