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SSG Golden Jubilee

Dear Fellow SSGians, The countdown to the Golden Jubilee celebrations of our beloved alma mater has begun! A few days ago, the General Secretary of the Old Boys Association of SSG, together with a delegation of ex-students, met with the current principal of the school, Capt. Ravi Shankar, and formally launched the collaborative agenda in the run-up to the extravaganza. On the part of the OBASSG, a Golden Jubilee Core Committee has been set up to facilitate the build-up to the event in collaboration with the school authorities. A separate OBASSG Golden Jubilee account will be accordingly opened, with nominated signatories and approvers, which will take care of the entire book of accounts for this event. In the days and weeks to follow, sub-committees for different areas of interest will be formed and detailed plans around each of the agenda items will be shared with the entire alumni. One important notification here is the proposal to include one nominated member from each passed-out batch in the Finance sub-committee. The process of nomination within the batches and communication to the core team will be communicated to everyone soon. Let us now quickly deliberate upon a vital agenda underlying the Golden Jubilee celebrations in addition to (and beyond) organizing a gala event: To promote Sainik School Goalpara as a most prestigious center for education in the state (and country) as also the most preferred destination for quality students across the socio-economic strata of our state. It is this single-most important objective that needs to drive our unconditional commitment and support towards making the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Sainik School one of the most-looked-forward-to and talked about events in Assam in the days to come! Needless saying, voluntary participation from each of us is imperative to make the event a grand success. In addition to financial contribution, both the school administration and the OBA are also looking forward to voluntary contribution of time and effort from all of us, an expectation which acquires vital significance in light of our obligation to repay the invaluable debt we owe to our alma mater! Contributions could be in the form of: - Sharing ideas (for cultural events, design of the main gate for the school, Website content for the new Website being currently designed by the school, publicity programs, et. al.) - Offering our professional expertise in different areas to bring those ideas to fruition - Dedicating voluntary hours for various activities being planned around the event - Discharging our duties and responsibilities as brand ambassadors of our school in our individual capacities - Spreading the message of a strong institutional brotherhood within the communities we engage with in our daily lives - Creating an attractive, vibrant, interactive advertisement campaign – print media (newspapers, magazines, journals, calendars), AV media (short films, advertisement clips, theme songs/jingles), programs and events (debates, cultural events, charitable events of sociocultural relevance), SSG-specific goodies (key chains, calendars, car stickers, pens, etc) – and the means and modes of distributing them optimally amongst the larger community, and - Promoting the success story of the alumni of the school You'd appreciate that these are only a few of the top-of-the-mind recall list we've put in here and in no way an exhaustive list of areas we can all contribute to. We look forward to your invaluable suggestions and voluntary commitment of time, effort, and money to take this journey forward. Please keep coming back to this site for updates and communication. Needless saying, your active participation in this forum with your ideas and suggestions on this topic is extremely welcome.