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Golden Jubilee Competition: SSG Main Gate Design


As many of you may be aware, there are two crucial projects the OBASSG is planning to undertake as part of our contribution to our school’s Golden Jubilee celebrations:

(1) Construction of a Memorial Hut – much like a war memorial (though not exactly one), the nature of which is yet to be decided. A sub committee will be formed for this project, which along with the school authorities will be responsible for finalization of the design and commissioning of the project. So, look out for communication on this shortly.

(2) A redesigned main entrance gate for the school - The idea is to create an unique, imposing (though simple), and attractive entrance gate, which will not only attract the casual passerby, but also become a brand image for the school amongst both the internal and external communities (just like the main building is for us today). Together with the gate, the boundary wall spanning (maybe) 20 meters on both sides of this gate will also be reconstructed to lend grandeur to the structure.

The main gate sub-committee will be announced soon, and will include of some of the senior functionaries of the OBASSG as well as professionals from the architectural and finance areas. This sub-committee will be responsible for creating the project plan for the construction and final opening of the gate, looking at all design suggestions from the alumni group, shortlisting the best designs from the lot, and (after careful consideration from the architectural and financial standpoint, and also post approval from the school authorities) selecting one that will finally be commissioned.

We invite design suggestions (only one suggestion per head) for the gate from everybody in the alumni group. The key components that will be looked at are:

  1. Design of the main arch (or alternatives), including a sentry house
  2. The design of the gate
  3. Mandatory inclusion of the school name, the school logo, as well as the OBASSG logo – for visibility. The text, “Donated by the Old Boys’ Association of SSG to commemorate Golden Jubilee of Sainik School Goalpara, November 12, 2014” should be mentioned in the design itself
  4. Alignment of the entry/exit points to the current approach road from inside the school premises

Please include your design suggestions in a Power Point format consisting of 2-3 slides. The last slide of the deck should contain your RATIONALE and VISION for proposing what you did in the previous slides. The design idea could be a reproduction in an image format (jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp, etc) or even a diagrammatic sketch scanned and pasted on the slides. Please make sure to include your name, contact details (including phone number, email ID, and address) in the slides.

It is imperative that you follow these directions to avoid confusion that may arise out of a large number of entries. Your RATIONALE and VISION will be a very important factor in the final choice, as we want to encourage original and creative entries, and not mere copy-pastes from a Google search.

Please send your proposal slides to both the mail IDs below:

  • diganta@obassg.com
  • indranil@obassg.com
    We plan to inaugurate the gate on the day of the main celebrations, possibly by some VIP. The person, whose design is finally selected, will get to co-appear with the VIP during the ribbon-cutting function, ensuring a photo-op capture for posterity. He/She will also be awarded a special gift by the OBASSG committee during the celebrations.

    The last date for submission of your proposals is 31st of July, 2011.

    So put your creative hats on, friends! Put pen to paper, and send in your proposals.

    Indranil Roy
    Roll: 1934
    GS, OBASSG Delhi Chapter


    SSG Main Gate Design

    Very very appreciable step towards making the main gate of SSG... We at BLR appreciate this idea and shall support to an extend of our arms length.. We have already passed the resolution at our last meeting for  contributing 1 lac from BLR chapter towards this... OBA BLR is always in closed loop with other chapters in different locations in India and in-line with the main line of OBASS- central committee to work together.. Thanks to Indranil Roy da for jotting down such a nice views on the gr8 cause to be taken up by OBA... 

    Cheers ,

    Madhujya Kalita,

    President , OBA Bangalore chapter..

    Indranil Gogoi ,

    GS , OBA Bangalore chapter..