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Fund Raising for OBA SSG

Please feed in your comment or suggestions for raising funds for OBA SSG.


bandhu asu

bandhu moi asu tur logot,we must do something for our root


We the proud ex-students of SSG are also earning, can't we join


All of us who has passed out of the school and are gainfully engaged can contribute our bit to build a corpus.

Can we think of --                                                                                                                                                                                          

(i) Let all the ex-students who are gainfully engaged contribute some amount for the corpus. The amount may be left

to individuals. However, specifying a minimum amount say Rs.500/- of Rs.1000/- may be necessary.                  

(ii) Thereafter, we can contribute annualy any amount as per individual discretion (based on utilisation of the amount previously collected)      

Necessary formalities with the Income Tax authorities may be done to facilitate the contributing members get tax-benefits.

Contributing Rs.100/- per month (i.e. total of Rs.1200/- per annum) should not be a problem for most of us. I think we owe to the institution much more.

Donating a small sum for a good cause can give solace.

Well, if we start thinking too much into the sum collected and if those who handle the fund does something funny Head/heart aches are  assured.

My appeal would be -- "Kiman paisa(read taka) enei nasta karu, Jikhan schoolor babe aji bhaldore protisthit hobo parisu ami sei schoolor namat olop arihona aag borhabo nuarune"


Fundraising for OBA SSG

I agree to Cdr. R.J. Bora's ideas of fundraising more so the second point. If we can channelise to enrol members before they leave school it will help us to grow in strength and I feel the fee for entry should be kept very nominal to encourage entry for everyone.

We can always organise cultural shows by involving various celebreties, both local and invited ones to raise funds by trying to rope in corporate houses for contribution and also by sale of tickets or passes.




Fund Raising


I have the follwing suggestions:-

(a) When a student is in his final year/about to pass out, he be made a permanent member (amount can be decided by OBA). This way each student passing out is a life member and will have the feeling of being part of OBA. This is being followed in SS Kozilottam and is quite successful.

(b) Some sort of charity movie/drama/cultura programme for which ticket can be sold before hand. 50 % can go to OBA and rest to some organisation.



Cdr RZ Borah (Retd)