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BRIDGE ' 15 ready for 17th AGM

It is very difficult to remain silent when you can  actually make noise, shout  and cheer.

So was the case with our Annual Commemorative Souvenir for the 17th AGM.

The Story goes like this-

Initially it was decided that this year the celebration would restrict to a small boundary without much pomp and show. The Editorial Board too felt that rather than publishing the BRIDGE we would go with a Newsletter/ Bulletin constitutuing of minimum sheets.

But our high spirits we have for SSG and enthusiasm to work for OBA never let us stop and restrict to a small area. Finally when we had only 5 days for the grand day i.e. 12th Dec, the Editors came up with all ideas and input to publish BRIDGE this time too by hook or crook.

Here I must mention, our editors Dr. Abhigyan Prasad and Nichi Raj Kamal both with their stirving effort made it to the completion and soon on 17th AGM it will be avialable to our esteemed readers.

The Editorial Board consists of-

Advisers- Amar Jyoti Kakati

                  Diganta Gogoi

Editors- Dr. Abhigyan Prasad

               Nichi Raj Kamal

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