Presidents Report on 14th Annual General Meeting on 12th Feb 2012.

My greetings to the esteemed members of the OBA, SSG.

It was indeed an honour for me to be the President of the OBA, SSG, the Alumni Association of the past students of Sainik School Goalpara for the last two years. We are all indebted to Sainik School, Goalpara for what we are today. The Alumni Associations apart from being the platform for the ex students to meet and keep in touch amongst themselves, also give a forum for giving something back to the society and the Institutes. Sainik School, Goalpara is one of the premier educational institutions in the North East India. Apart from preparing students for a career in defence forces, the school caters to all round development of personality of its students. As result, we can see that the ex- students of the school are doing exceptionally well in whichever field they are at present.

The OBA,SSG took up number of activities in last two years. The report of the Secretary brings out in the detail the activities of OBA,SSG during last year of the present committee. The present Executive Committee were concerned at the decrease in the interest among the parents in the state, to send the wards to Sainik School, Goalpara. One of the main reasons for this development was that in the last few years the share of expenditure to be borne by parents increased beyond the reach of most the parents, who were interested to send their sons to Sainik School. OBA, SSG took up the matter with the State Government and we are happy to inform that Government of Assam has increased the scholarship for the students studying in Sainik School, Goalpara w. e. f. 2011-12. OBA, SSG has also been taking steps through advertisements etc. to bring awareness among the parents about the benefit of sending their students to Sainik School, Goalpara. We also have the plan for starting a coaching Institute for selection tests for defence services and have applied to Government of Assam for a plot of land for the same. The allotment of land is under active consideration of the state Government. We could not start the Institute but we hope that next Executive Committee would take necessary steps to make the institute operational.

The school celebrates its Golden Jubilee in 2014. We need to discuss in the coming AGM and decide as to how we can contribute towards the Golden Jubilee celebrations. I take this opportunity to thank all the members of OBA, SSG for the unstinted cooperation I received from them during my tenure as the president of the Association. My special thanks to Sri Diganta Gogoi, Secretary, OBA, SSG for the last two years. With the wish that OBA, SSG becomes more vibrant and lively organization.

(S. C. Das)
President, OBA
Admission No. 259, Chilarai House.