Amended Constitution adopted in the 12th AGM.


In association with the constitution of India, the right and privileges conferred hereunder. The Old Boys Association of Sainik School Goalpara (alumni association of Sainik School Goalpara) which was established in 1995 makes this constitution for smooth functioning and administration of the association and to achieve its aims and objectives.

Article 1. Name of the Society:

Old Boys Association, Sainik School, Goalpara (OBA SSG)

Article 2. Address of the main office of Guwahati:

1st Floor. Utsav Restaurant. M. G Road. Near Machkhowa Eidgah Field. Guwahati – 781001. Assam.

Article 3. Area of Operation:

Union of India.

Article 4. Objectives:

It is a non- profit socio–cultural organization. Its primary objectives are:
a. To bring all the ex-students of Sainik School Goalpara under one for mutual help and spreading brotherhood.
b. To act as effective social organization.
c. To help the people in times of disaster and natural calamities.
d. The Old Boys Association will also work for overall well being of Sainik School, Goalpara.
e. To work for unity and development of the nation and North East in particular.
f. The Association may takes up any other social/ cultural activity in confirmatory to the objective of the association.

Article 5. The motto of the Association is “We are all one”

Article 6. Membership:

a. All those who studied in Sainik School Goalpara are eligible to be members. One has to register his name with the OBA to be enrolled as a member by paying necessary membership fee.
b. All those members who have unfortunately, departed for their heavenly abode, will be represented by their spouse, who will automatically become life members are not required to pay any annual members fees.

Article 7. Procedure of general body meeting:

Before the commencement of the General body Meeting all the OBA members present
in the hall duly take the following pledge.
“I ………………………………Roll No …………….do solemnly swear in the name of …………………… that I shall always remain grateful to my School and the Old Boys Association. I shall not do anything which might tarnish the image and prestige of the School and the association to which I proudly belong to. I fully understand that, as a good citizen and a product of Sainik School Goalpara my personal conduct should be
exemplary having due regards for my elders and affections to younger members of OBA. I shall always willingly contribute my bit to make the OBA coherent, vibrant and mutually beneficial. I will always remember that “We are all one” no matter what comes my way.”

General Body Meeting will be held once a year. As far as possible, the meeting will be held on the 1st Sunday of January each year subject to changes because of some unavoidable reasons. In such case the date will be on the 3rd Sunday of January or a date suitable to the Executive Committee of the association.

Article 8. Quorum of the General Body Meeting:

Minimum of one hundred members of OBA need to be present to make the quorum.

Article 9. General Body:

Para I. Central Executive Committee
Under the Constitution, the OBA will have Executive Committee to be elected during the General Body Meeting. The new Executive Committee before taking charge from the Old Executive Committee will be duly sworn in presence of the General Body. The swearing in ceremony will be conducted by the Senior most student present in the Central Body Meeting.

The contents of the swearing in ceremony is given below:

“I, ………………………………………. Roll No…………………, a member of OBA, having being elected as ……………………………….. of the Executive Committee of the Association on This day of ……………………………………. do solemnly swear in the name of ……………………………. that I shall work as a part of the team and discharge my duties entrusted upon me by my fellow OBA members to the best of my ability and sincerity. I will always keep the interest and well being of the Association and the School, above my own interest.”

Para II. Affiliated Chapters

The association shall give affiliations to chapters formed at different places formed formally by the members located at those places. The President and The General Secretary of each chapter shall be inducted into the central Executive Committee by virtue of their position. The Chapters of the society will be respective affiliated units. The Chapters will function in its jurisdiction,
they will adopt ways and means to fulfill the objectives of the organisation in their own capacity, and if necessary, they may take the help of the central body. The central committee will correspond with the concerned Chapter in respect of aid/fund etc. for each activity.

To initiate any Chapter, a minimum of 11 (eleven) members/proposed members are required along with the nomination of 3 (three) members in the Executive Body of that Chapter. Only active members of the OBA can initiate the formation of a Chapter.

The funds required for the sustainability of the Chapter can be either raised by means of patronage or annual subscription, which will work towards the fulfillment of the objectives of the Chapter and the benefit of its members in the domicile of operation of that Chapter. Whenever any activity is undertaken by a Chapter, which results in the collection of additional funds, an amount equivalent of 30% of the unutilized fund would be given to the central body in the cause of fulfilling the objectives of the association.


There will be advisory committee to look after and co-ordination and future guidance, programme planning of OBA SSG. They will be sitting twice every year for future planning. The members will be selected by the Executive Committee

Article 10. Terms of Executive Committee:

The term of the Executive Committee will be for a period of two years. Members can be re-elected for another term for the same post or any other post.

Article 11. Office Bearers of the Executive Committee:

(a) President
(b) Working President -2
(c) Vice Presidents: 3
(d) General Secretary
(e) Joint Secretaries: 3
(f) Treasurer: 1
(g) Executive Members: 10


12. 1. President:

The President shall preside over all the meetings of the society viz. General body meeting and other committee / sub-committee meetings. He will have to guide the society in a desired direction in consonance with the objectives set forth.

12. 2. Working President:

On behalf of the President the working President shall help the President in the discharge of his duties and carry out the duties of the President in his absence.

12. 3. Vice President:

The Vice-President shall help the President and Working President in the discharge of his duties and carry out the duties of the President/ Working President in his absence.


The General Secretary shall be the Chief Executive member of the society and he shall have to run the activities of the societies under the direction of the Executive Committee. He shall be responsible:
4.i. To carry out all official correspondence and sign all documents etc. on behalf of the OBA
4.ii To maintain a membership register and other records of the society.
4.iii To connivance meeting of General Body, Executive Committee and other Sub-Committee in consolation with the President.
4.iv. To give effect to the resolutions of the OBA, Executive Committee and other Sub-
4.v. To run the Bank Account in the name of OBA, jointly with Treasurer. To communicate/ update with the different Chapters of OBA across the globe.
4.vii. To maintain and update the web portal of OBA unless the responsibility is entrusted to
someone by the Executive Committee.


The Joint Secretary shall help/assist the General Secretary, by all means and one of them, on recommendation of the President shall act as General Secretary in his absence. The three Joint Secretary should be given responsibility of Publicity, Culture and Finance & publicity matter amongst themselves.


The Finance Secretary shall be the custodian of the financial assets of the OBA. He has: –
a) To receive subscription and other revenues and discharge all financial transactions of the society under the directives of the Executive Committee.
b) To present a report on the audited financial status of the society at the end Executive Committee.
c) To maintain a joint cash account with the General Secretary with a prior approval of the Executive Committee.


All the 10 (ten) executive members of the Executive Committee shall have to work in conformity to the decision of the Society and help the offices with a missionary zeal. However, Executive Committee may reserve the power to co-opt 3-5 members as Executive Members for smooth functioning of the organization.

Article 13. Quorum :

In a meeting minimum two-third of the members from Guwahati shall constitute the quorum.

Article 14. Amendment to the Constitution:

Amendment of any article or addition/deletion of clause can be made at the General Body Meeting with the consent of 2/3rd (two-third) majority of members present in the meeting.

Article 15. Accounts:

There will be a bank A/c. in a nationalized bank at Guwahati in the name Old Boys’ Association, Sainik School, Goalpara (OBA SSG).

a. Operation of Accounts:
The signatories of the bank account in the name of OBA SSG will be General Secretary and Treasure up to Rupees Fifty Thousand at one time and beyond this amount, the signatories will be all three i.e the Treasurer, Secretary and President.

b. Audit of Accounts:
Accounts will be audited annually by a Chartered Accountant as per the rules and audited Balance Sheet, from 1st April to 31st March of every year will be put up to the General Body Meeting and for it to be passed by the house. A copy of the Balance Sheet will be circulated to all the Chapters and members for information.

Article 16. Termination of Membership/Removal of Office Bearer:

In case any act of a member brings bad name and disrepute to the organization, the Executive Body can take a decision to remove the membership, which will have to be subsequently passed/ ratified by the General Body. If any office bearer of Executive Committee fails to attend three consecutive meetings without information, he may be removed by the Executive Committee and Adhoc member in his place can be appointed which will have to be ratified during the next General Body Meeting.

Article 17. Fund:

17.a. An Annual Membership subscription will be fixed by the central executive committee and shall have to be approved by the AGM. The financial year would be from 1st April to 31st March in this regard.
17.b The affiliated chapters shall contribute 50% of the yearly subscription to the Central Executive Committee.
17.c: Chapters in different parts of India can have separate bank account to operate and function for the growth of the organization. In case closure of such accounts, the amount so deposited will have to be transferred to OBA SSG Central Committee account at State Bank of India, Six Mile Branch bearing A/C Number: 00000030641981434 in the name of OBA SSG. In no case the account could be closed and the balance amount be withdrawn/ issued to any personal or organizational account. Such chapter wise accounts are to be operated by the “Dual Signature” of office bearers of the chapter.

Article 18. Legal Procedure:

According to provisions laid down in the section six of Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, legal aspects will be within jurisdiction Guwahati only. Association will also seek all the provisions and benefits under the Income Tax Act of Union of India.

Article 19. Dissolution :

If necessary this society may be dissolved and properties remaining after the dissolution may be handed over according to the provisions laid down in section 13 and 14 of the societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.